The Whitsunday Islands, Molle Islands group and Conway National Park provide many camping and hiking opportunities for small school groups seeking camping experiences in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Camp options include 2-day / 1-night adventures and 3-day / 2-night adventures. Each camp offers exciting outdoor experiences that encourage a sense of adventure and discovery. Examples of camping activities include hiking, bushwalking, sea kayaking, sailing and camp setup.

Equipment and services that are included in the camping experiences include: double sea kayaks, snorkelling gear, stinger suits, kayak guide hire, water taxi, and camp kits. Each camp kit includes a 2-man tent, 2 foam sleep mats, crockery and cutlery for 2 people, a stove and fuel. Four kits are provided for each group of 7 students and 1 teacher. Campers must supply their own sleeping bags and food.

Island camping